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What is Dreamweaver Calendars

Calendar boxWhen it comes to web-based calendars, offers a wide array of solutions. On one hand, we offer an online service, through which you can install and manage a calendar based on our server, with minimal requirements from yours. Setup is extremely simple, offering high performance at a low cost. At the same time we offer a series of products that you can download and install on your website independently.

Featured Product

Calendar ReviewDreamweaver Event Calendar is our most feature-rich product. You can use it through our Online Service or purchase it as a Dreamweaver extension.

Dreamweaver Event Calendar uses modern technologies and includes attractive presentation. It is simple in use , at both front- and back-end.

Dreamweaver Calendars Features

  • One time purchase products
  • Multi-domain license
  • Integrated in Dreamweaver menu
  • Visual installation and admin
  • No programming skills required
  • Several types of calendars are available for all kinds of use
  • Instant download after purchase

Online Service Benefits

  • Dreamweaver not required
  • No particular software is required on your web server
  • Inexpensive monthly fee with automatic payments
  • No programming skills required, all you need it copy and paste a line into your webpage
  • Free registration & Free Trial
  • Visual admin system, hosted on our servers
  • Highly flexible and easily adaptable to the look & feel of your website
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Third Party Extensions

  • Form Tools
    This site offers automatic form processing tools, form validation tools, form to mail, antispam products and complete registration & login systems.
  • Guestbook System
    Guestbook System allows to collect users opinions, visualize them in a nice way on your webpage, but also edit them, delete them or directly contact people who published them.
  • Sell Downloads
    Sell downloads with Paypal; this service is integrated with PayPal and features automatic payment verification, secure storage and automatic emailing of the product to the buyer.

Third Party Services

  • Dreamweaver Templates
    Using the latest XHTML & CSS standards to make your website more modern and efficient. The code is designed to promote search engine optimization.