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Advanced ASP Reservation Calendar

Purchase and DownloadDW Advanced ASP Reservation Calendar is a Dreamweaver extension that facilitates creation of informative calendars which at the same time can serve as date pickers for reservation forms.

New: Dreamweaver is no longer a mandatory requirement for this product. Beside a Dreamweaver extension, we are launching a version that can be used directly, without having to use Dreamweaver, just by copying the files and pasting the code into your webpage.

This Calendar has the following features:

  • works as a date picker for forms. Selected dates are saved in hidden fields within the form to be sent to the server later.(*);
  • allows to set available and booked (unavailable) days from the Admin system;
  • optional floating panel with information on dates or ranges of dates in the calendar on the public site;
  • optionally, you can link any day in the public calendar to a URL;
  • booked days can be shown in different colors, and additional text information can be added;
  • simple, visual insertion from Dreamweaver and visual Admin, from a browser. Uses modern Ajax technologies to achieve a swift and user-friendly interface.

(*) Sending to the server and data saving script are NOT included in this product, however, in this page we explain how you can achieve this using other products.

DEMO (Public site)

Here is a demo of the calendar that will appear in the public site(beside this text) and a demo of the administration interface(below this text).

Check this video demo to see a sample of how it can be managed.

To see the changes applied from the administration area applied to the "public site calendar" you need to refresh this page.

DEMO (Administration console)


IMPORTANT: This software has the following requirements:

  1. The server must support ASP scripts
  2. You must set writing permissions on the folder "DC_ASPRCalendar/admin/database" .

Optional requirements:

  • If you want to use it as a Dreamweaver extension: Dreamweaver MX or later versions (works with MX, MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, ...)

Note: This product does not require external database systems. Data are saved in text files, that are managed by the Calendar in a transparent way.


If you aren't using Dreamweaver then ignore the steps from #1 to #4 below and follow the instructions specified into the "readme.txt" file located into the folder "Non-Dreamweaver version" (after unzipping the downloaded file). Basically just copy the files into your website and start reading from the step #5 below.

To install from Dreamweaver, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the .MXP file to install it within Dreamweaver (only required to do once, to install it)

  2. Restart Dreamweaver (required only the first time, after the installation)

  3. Open the page where the calendar is going to be inserted and seen by your website visitors.

  4. Insert the calendar from the menu "Dreamweaver Menu >> Commands >> Insert Advanced ASP Reservation Calendar"

    The following window will appear:

    Insert Advanced ASP Reservation Calendar

    The fields to fill in are as follows:

    • Language: Language in which the calendar will be shown. Currently included are: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Dutch.
    • Pages Number: You can choose that the calendar appears with more than one months shown in a single view.
    • Cell Width & Height: Width and Height of each calendar's cell: this allows you to control your calendar's size.
    • Username & Password: Need to be entered in order to securely access your calendar's administration panel.

  5. After this final step, upload your page and all generated files onto your web server and set writing permissions to the folder "DC_ASPRCalendar/admin/database" on your website, including the permissions on the files inside the folder.

  6. The address from which you can manage your calendar is:


    or, if the calendar is not at the root of your website:


The interface to enter data into calendar is truly simple, you can see a practical example of the entire process in this animated demo.

ASP Reservation Calendar Administration

The fields to fill in for each event are:

  • Title: This is the title of the floating panel with the relevant information.
  • Description: Contents of the floating panel.
  • Select Interval: Select a day and a range of days for the event. The first click indicated the first day, the second click indicates the final day.
  • Show Tooltip on...: Select, in this field, whether you want the floating panel to be shown when mouse is moved over the cell in question, or only when the cell is clicked on.
  • Goto the URL...: If you want your users to be directed to another URL when they click on a certain date, enter the relevant URL in this field. Here you can also decide whether you want that URL to be opened in the same window, or in a new one.
  • Select Colors: Select the color for the event.

An example of how it is seen on a published website:

Public ASP Reservation Calendar


Sending to the server and data saving script are NOT included in this product, however, in this page we explain how you can achieve this using other products.

If you are writing by yourself the form's processing code, then you need to know that the calendar put the reservation dates into hidden fields to allow the selected data to be posted just like normal form's fields:

<input type="hidden" name="selDay_startcal1" />
<input type="hidden" name="selMonth_startcal1" />
<input type="hidden" name="selYear_startcal1" />
<input type="hidden" name="selDay_endcal1" />
<input type="hidden" name="selMonth_endcal1" />
<input type="hidden" name="selYear_endcal1" />

... where "cal1" is the calendar's ID. Then, to get those fields form a ASP code (example) you can use a code like this one:


' store the first date selected with the format YYYY-MM-DD
startDate= Request("selYear_startcal1") &"-"& Request("selMonth_startcal1") &"-"& Request("selDay_startcal1")

' store the second date selected with the format YYYY-MM-DD
endDate= Request("selYear_endcal1") &"-"& Request("selMonth_endcal1") &"-"& Request("selDay_endcal1")


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