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Lists for Dreamweaver ASP Event Calendar

This add-on allows to list the content of your calendar on your website.

Important: This add-on can only be used if you have previously purchased Dreamweaver ASP Event Calendar. Please make sure that you already have the calendar before buying this add-on; you will not be able to use it otherwise.

Lists can be inserted in the same page that contains the calendar or in any other page on your website. If you decide to insert the List on the same page, you have the option to synchronize it with the calendar; this way, when month is changed on the calendar, it is automatically changed on the List.

Lists are based on JavaScript/Ajax on the browser side so they do not require any additional Server Side Scripts nor do they require reloading the page when switching from one month to another (in case your List is synchronized with the calendar.) These features make it a modern and user-friendly element for your website.

Your List's visual style is totally customizable through the included CSS file. In addition, we include 4 popular styles that you can use. They are shown further on this page.

Style #1:
Start- and end-date boxes for each event are shown along with the event title and description. Note how the passed events can be shown in a different style.

Copy & paste this styles into the "DCEventCalendar.css" file:

Style #2:
Events are shown in different colors to facilitate reading. In addition, they have been grouped in months, so the month name itself is not repeated for each event.

Copy & paste this styles into the "DCEventCalendar.css" file:

Style #3:
This is a "light" style with alternate colors and right-side date location, taking up a minimum of space. Adequate for short event titles that can occupy the same line as the date.

Copy & paste this styles into the "DCEventCalendar.css" file:

Style #4:
Classic style with complete date and alternate colors. Adequate style for large event titles that require more space.

Copy & paste this styles into the "DCEventCalendar.css" file:

You can modify these styles using the CSS file, or create brand new styles to your liking. In our examples, Lists are synchronized with the their calendars, but as mentioned before, Lists can also be located on a page that doesn't contain the calendar on which it depends.

Note: The month is shown abbreviated by default (three characters: Jan, Feb, Mar, ....); if you want to show the complete month name then you should open the "DCEventCalendar.js" file, locate the following line:


... and change it by:



To use the Lists, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the add-on, using the Buy and Download button at the end of this page.You will be provided with the updated scripts and 4 styles shown.

  2. Decompress and overwrite the add-on files over the folder of the calendar that you have installed on your website. Note: Calendar must be already installed on your website.

  3. Add this script in the <head>...</head> section of your page if it isn't already present:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="DC_ASPEventCalendar/public.js"></script>

  4. Add this script in the <head>...</head> section of your page:


    Note (FYI): The function parameters are:

    * id String: Calendar Id
    * all Boolean: If true, show all events
    * visiblemonths Boolean: If true, show visible month events if "all" is false.
    * month String: The month/year representing the current visible Calendar date (mm/yyyy) where "all" is false. Leave blank to show the current month.
    * order Boolean: If true, show in ascendant order.

  5. Insert these tags where you want to show the list:

    <div id="cal1ContainerList"></div>

    Note (FYI): The "cal1ContainerList" is the calendar Id + ContainerList

  6. To change the styles open the file "DCEventCalendar.css" and change the #calendarList styles there.
Instant Download

Important note: This addon can only be used if you previously purchased Dreamweaver ASP Event Calendar. Make sure that you already own the calendar before purchasing this addon, otherwise you will not be able to use it.

Preferred payment & download method:
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USD $30.00
After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.