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How to build a complete reservation form

If you wish to build a complete reservation form, which includes start date and end date of the booking, you can achieve this by combining the following Dreamweaver extensions:

1 - Create your form with the desired fields from Dreamweaver (ex. Customer name, contact information, etc)

2 - Insert Advanced Reservation Calendar or the Multi Availability Calendar (please check details and cost).  This way you will have in a single field, selection of the start date and end date.

3 - Insert Form to Mail (please check details and cost), this way you will be able to receive the booking information to your email address.

4 - [Optional]  - insert a security image - a captcha code - with Form Captcha (please check details and cost), which will allow you to avoid spam. This step is optional, but highly recommended.

5 - [Optional] - insert a Form Validator. (see details and cost). This way you can make sure that your customers enter valid data.

Special offer: If you purchase all the products mentioned above - (Form 2 Mail, Form Captcha, Form Validator  and Advanced Reservation or Multi Availability Calendar), we offer Free Installation Service on your website (in this case please contact us with a reference to this offer).