Selecting hours to be shown

In some applications you may want to select only some hours to be shown, for example working hours. This sample explains how to do that. In the "Days", "nDays" and "Week" views you can select the range of hours to be shown be setting the start and end hours. Three parameters must be specified for this: the start hour hoursStart:8, the end hour hoursEnd:17 and the height of a single hour cell cellheight:60. Hours are in military time, so 17 means 5:00pm.
Parameters Instructions
If you are using Dreamweaver most of the configuration parameters are specified in the insertion dialog. If you aren't using Dreamweaver or if you don't find these configuration settings into the insertion dialog then locate the call to the initMultiViewCal into your page and update the parameters in the third parameter of that function, example:

<script>initMultiViewCal("cal1",1,{ ... paste parameters here ...});</script>
This page contains a demo of the Multi View Calendar for Dreamweaver and Multi View Calendar standalone version. If you don't have the product yet, then download it at the main Multi View Calendar page.