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Standalone Calendars - Why Dreamweaver Extensions

In case you have some experience at using Adobe Dreamweaver and wish to install a calendar on your website, we offer several options of Dreamweaver extensions for this purpose.

Dreamweaver extensions make the process of independent calendar installation much easier; it allows you to do it without any hand coding. This is why Dreamweaver extensions if the format of choice for our products.

Note that to use our extensions, you need to have Adobe Dreamweaver installed. Besides, your web server must support the script indicated in each case (ASP or PHP). In case that you do not satisfy these requirements, the online calendar service is what will suit you best.

The following calendars are available as Dreamweaver extensions:

If you wish to adapt any particular feature of any of these products to your needs, please feel free to ask for our Customization Service.

Also, if you are short on time, do not have sufficient Dreamweaver handling experience, or do not possess the actual Dreamweaver, you may want to require our Installation Service.